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2011 SEG Workshop
2011 SEG Workshop
Date 18-21 July 2011
Location Berkeley, California USA

This workshop focused on implementations of these geophysical applications, in addition to the application in reservoir, petroleum engineering and geology presented by practitioners at the cutting edge of the field.


Computing intensive imaging paradigms such as reverse time migration, iterative and interactive model building, and waveform inversion make High Performance Computing (HPC) is more vital than ever to the Oil and Gas Industry mission. In addition to imaging, HPC is critical for everything from timely modeling and simulation of large-scale physical systems, to processing, analysis and interpretation and visualization of huge seismic data volumes. Some applications, such as waveform inversion and true wave equation MVA were previously thought to be computationally impossible or impractical but are now making inroads into routine commercial application.

This workshop discussed recent advances in HPC, as well as challenges due to the end of Moore's Law and its impact on the Oil and Gas Industry, and tools such as parallel visual analytics and routines that can be coupled with data analysis and simulations run on new HPC architectures or so-called integrated data analysis, visualization, simulation,computing environments that provide an end-to-end solution for analysis and visualization of scientific data and simulation results.

Leaders and practitioners in the field presented the following:

  • Oil and Gas: problems, needs and solutions they seek
  • HPC and computing Vendors: current and future trends
  • Application Team: existing applications, their understanding and their needs.

Agenda covering applications in seismic, reservoir, petroleum engineering, and geology

  • HPC acceleration tutorial
  • Keynote presentations from geoscience industry leaders
  • Keynote presentations from HPC industry leaders
  • HPC education for geoscientists

Organizing Committee

Masoud Nikravesh (UC Berkeley & LBNL)
Scott Morton (Hess)
Bin Wang (TGS)
Biondo Biondi (Stanford)
Hamdi Tchelepi (Stanford)
Dmitri Bevc (Chevron)
Juan Meza (LBNL)


APPR Supercomputer Solutions
Maxeler Technologies
Reservoir Labs

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