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Health, Safety, Security, and Environment

SEG HSSE Committee

Our mission is to ensure that HSSE is taken into consideration in every activity that the SEG sponsors or manages.

HSSE Policy at SEG

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) is committed to the health, safety, and security of our members, employees, customers, communities, and work sites, and to preventing damage to the environment through social activities. The SEG will achieve this by ensuring that HSSE is considered in all society-managed and sponsored activities.

We will strive to set expectations and objectives to demonstrate continual improvement in our performance as a safe and environmentally responsible business. We are responsible for providing the resources necessary for volunteers, employees, and contractors to follow regulations related to our work and meet the SEG’s established HSSE objectives.

At SEG, the leadership will participate in establishing and maintaining an effective HSSE program which includes:

  • Provide the necessary training to all staff and ensure that volunteers are provided with the opportunity for necessary training to competently carry out their assigned tasks.
  • Promote awareness and appreciation of safety and encourage involvement through the incorporation of HSSE into society activities such as exhibitions and field camps, periodic geophysical safety paper sessions at conferences, publication of articles on geophysical HSSE, etc.
  • Establish and maintain an appropriate HSSE management system that includes policies, procedures, and processes for effectively managing risks associated with society activities.
  • Reducing all HSSE hazards and risks from society activities to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP
  • Ensure all regulatory HSSE requirements for society activities will be met or exceeded, and the society will apply reasonable industry standards in locations where no regulations exist.
  • Ensuring all contractors follow HSSE standards and guidelines that are compatible with those of the SEG.
  • Providing periodic self-inspection for hazard assessment and senior management review of the safety program as it is implemented, new worksites are established, and thereafter as appropriate to the business operations, but at least annually.
  • Developing emergency response plans where appropriate for society activities.
  • Ensuring that all volunteers, employees, and contractors understand the requirement for them to intervene when they witness unsafe acts or unsafe conditions, and even to stop the job if they feel anyone is at risk or there is a possibility of damage to the environment.

The senior management HSSE representative is the Associate Executive Director, Planning and Operations. This policy statement serves to express the society’s commitment to and involvement in providing our employees, members, and other stakeholders with a safe and healthy workplace.

Guidance Material

This is a list of board-approved guidance documents and external reports that have been brought together as resource material to inform others on HSSE in our industry, including proper practices.

SEG Board Approved Guidance Documents
Guidance on the development and implementation of HSSE plans for student field activities
Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Field Activities
IAGC Safety Manuals Ed. 10 (2011): Comprehensive safety guidelines, in a two-volume set tailored to Land and Marine environments
IAGC Land Geophysical Safety Manual [1]
IAGC Marine Geophysical Safety Manual [1] IOGP Report on OMS in Practice
IOGP Report No. 511 [2] IOGP Report on Operating Management System Framework
IOGP Report No. 510 [2] IOGP Report on Managing HSE in a Geophysical contract
IOGP Report No. 432 [2] IOGP Report on Risk management in geophysical operations
IOGP Report No. 432-02 [2] IOGP Report on HSE management - guidelines for working together in a contract environment
IOGP Report No. 423 [2] IOGP Report on Land transporation safety recommended practice
IOGP Report No. 365 [2] IOGP Report on HSE competency managment guidelines for the geophysical industry
IOGP Report No. 292 [2] The E&P Forum Guidelines for HSE auditing in the geophysical industry
IOGP Report No. 245 [2]
Travel Guidance

SEG Trv'l Safety Guidelines for World Citizens https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/8CirYnFh714np4m6cb6s97cK

Additional Resources
This is a list of additional resources that discuss safety hazards in our lives. SPE HSE NOW[3]
A source for news and technical information affecting the health, safety, security, environment, social responsibility, regulation, and quality aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry. Energy Institute Hearts and Minds Toolkit
Safety videos made freely available by the Energy Institute to help develop a strong safety culture. These videos cover a wide array of topics, including making HSSE plans and generating risk assessment matrices.

Date: October 24, 2014

Date to be reviewed (at next change of President)

HSSE Advisory Documents

The HSSE Committee is working to create a series of documents and/or media to inform SEG members, and geoscientists in general, of the risks associated with our industry. These documents will warn of the various hazards you may encounter and suggests ways in which you can ensure you are as safe as reasonably possible. These documents are intended to promote an awareness of safety. This work is ongoing and subject to change, but topics may include:

HSSE Project-Specific Plans
Clothing and PPE
Weather Emergency Response
First Aid
Inclement Weather
Security Threats Security
Workplace and Office