Global Perspectives for Deepwater Presalt Exploration and Development

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Joint SEG/SBGf/SPE Workshop
Joint SEG/SBGf/SPE Workshop
Date 11–12 September 2012
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This workshop addressed challenges and share best practices and technological breakthroughs in presalt and subsalt exploration, appraisal, and development through a multi-disciplinary approach.


The global focus on exploration and development of subsalt resources, including presalt areas, has challenged the oil industry to find advanced technical solutions to the unique complexities of this emerging play concept. Brazil, including the presalt play, has attracted international attention as one of the newest and biggest frontiers in exploration. Subsalt discoveries have also been made in deepwater West Africa, including recent presalt success. The Gulf of Mexico has an extensive track record of technical innovation in managing subsalt challenges from exploration to production. The subsalt and presalt play is typically characterized by poor to limited seismic imaging and resolution, challenging drilling and high development costs. The complexities of this environment lead to high levels of uncertainty and increased risks for exploration, appraisal and development, posing significant technical and commercial challenges for the oil industry.

Organizing Committee


Gene Walton (BP America)
Paulo Johann (Petrobras)
Antonio Lage (Petrobras)


Eric Ekstrand (BP America)
Antonio Pinto (Petrobras)
Carlos Abreu (Petrobras)
Carlos Cunha (Petrobras)
David Reid (Shell)
Heitor D'Arrigo (BG Brasil)
Jacek Jaminski (BP America)
John Bastnagel (CGGVeritas)
John de Lange (BG Brasil)
Kristan Reimann (Maersk Oil)
Marcos Bueno (Petrobras)
Robert Bruant (BP America)
Wenceslau Gouveia (Shell)


CGG Veritas
BG Brasil

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Global Perspectives for Deepwater Presalt Exploration and Development
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