Geoscience Advancements with SEAM Data

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2013 SEAM Workshop
2013 SEAM Workshop
Date 21-24 May 2013
Location San Antonio, Texas

This workshop was designed to inform the geophysical community of the model, datasets, and current geoscience advancements. Abstracts for presentations were solicited by invitation to companies and universities who had access to SEAM models and data sets.


Numerical geophysical data play a key role in the research and development of new technology aimed at improving both exploration and production of natural resources. We have all experienced the value of the original SEG/EAGE salt model for the past 20 years. A search for how to obtain a better data set was discussed until the SEG Advanced Modeling (SEAM) Corporation was formed in 2007 to act as an oversight and operator for consortia of companies. Over the past six years, 24 companies have developed a new 3D model and numerical data sets aimed at significantly advancing the analysis of new deepwater marine technology through SEAM Phase I. With SEAM Phase II, 22 companies are currently working on developing new land 3D models and data sets.

With the early commitment of matched government funding through the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA), the design of the SEAM Phase I program allowed a much more extended collection of data sets. The model was designed based on rock physics fundamentals allowing an improved near-real earth relationship between seismic and potential field data sets. Seismic data sets include an extensive isotropic numeric volume, tilted transverse isotropic (TTI) volume, and an elastic volume. The non-seismic data sets include gravity, controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM), and magnetotelluric (MT). To generate the CSEM and MT data sets, the SEAM 3D resistivity model was built with VTI anisotropy.

The motivation now is to get the data used and to see the advancements proven on the numeric data and forged into practice.

Organizing Committee


Kevin Bishop
Abdulrahman Al Sharhan


Mike Fehler
Chuck Meeder
Gladys Gonzales
Michael Frenkel
Michael Orstaglio


Advanced Geophysical Technology

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