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Historical Videos

These videos were removed from the Geophysical_Service_Inc wiki page and saved on this page.

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} History of GSI from Karcher's initial idea about reflection seismology until 1980.

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} Thunder Wagon on the Beaufort Sea. Arctic exploration using airgun source lowered through ice. (Technical direction by Davey Einarsson.)

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} Wheels to the Artic. Challenges and techniques in Artic Exploration

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} Arctic Data Collection. Challenges and techniques in Artic Exploration

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} City on Sleighs. Mobile arctic field camps.

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} Breaking the Ice Barrier. GSI seismic vessels Arctic Explorer and Carrino are ships to traverse Northwest Passage collecting seismic data.

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} British TV station ITN interviews marine crew on seismic survey of North Sea in the autumn of 1963. The reporter asks "Will there be oil under the North Sea?" The Kyle Anne was skippered by Ed Norris with party manager Bill Blakely. Crew included Alan Cook (later Aramco Special Projects Group leader), and Derrick Painter (later GSI research and development project leader). They used a 2400 meter cable to collect 3 fold data.

{{#evt: service=youtube |id= }} Personal Development. GSI president Dolan McDaniel describes important company policies for individual development and company profitability. Policies including fair treatment, meaningful work, open communications, personal development, above average pay and benefits are important to company success. George Steel demonstrates open door policy (no spoken lines). Davey Einarsson appears in executive management meeting (who are those other managers?). Notice the red, blue, yellow, and gold badges. Remember to "do it right the first time" (DIRTFT). Create quality improvement Teams (QIT).