Gail Christeson

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Gail Christeson
Gail Christeson headshot.png
Latest company University of Texas at Austin
BSc university Texas A\&M University
PhD university Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Gail Christeson is Senior Research Scientist and is the Associate Director of the Institute for Geophysics at the University of Texas at Austin.

2019 Biography [1]

Gail is interested in crustal structure of various geological environments, including formation and evolution of the oceanic crust, size and morphology of the Chicxulub impact crater, and the rifting history of the Gulf of Mexico. In order to characterize the structure in these various environments she collects wide-angle seismic data using a large air-gun source and ocean bottom seismograph receivers. She then uses various techniques, including tomography and full waveform tomographic inversion, to constrain crustal structure.


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