FWI Applications from Imaging to Reservoir Characterization (SEG SRW 2015)

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SEG 2015 Summer Research Workshop
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Date 13-15 July 2015
Sponsor(s) Schlumberger
Location Houston, TX USA

FWI Applications from Imaging to Reservoir Characterization

The Earth modeling process named "Full waveform inversion" (FWI) is widely established but may not always be optimally applied in seismic data processing. It is mostly used as an additional tool for improving velocity models in seismic imaging workflows, where anyone proposing it in the belief that it is really a "full" inversion of seismic data is either fooling himself or hoping to fool his audience. In reality most, if not all such sequences are still far from achieving the vision of Albert Tarantola 30 years ago: finding the family of models that fit (all) the data and thus achieving the best possible characterization of the earth's (visco) elastic properties and their uncertainties from seismic. The reasons for this are many and varied, including the shortcomings of seismic acquisitions, seismic simulations and our inversion algorithms. However, research continues to make progress on a number of these fronts, so we may hope that Tarantola's dream is still alive.

Workshop Topics

This workshop invited participants to contribute to the discussion of the status and prospects for the technique of FWI, and the current steps being taken to increase its "fullness" and utility. Sessions covered, but were not necessarily limited to, the following subjects:

  • Multi-parameter and elastic inversion, including surface waves
  • FWI and acquisition
  • Qualifying initial models and mitigating cycle skipping
  • Using the kinematic information in reflections as well as diving waves
  • 4D FWI
  • Case studies from different geological settings
  • "The wide blue yonder"

The workshop featured a mix of oral and poster presentations as well as discussion sessions.

Organizing Committee

Denes Vigh, Schlumberger
Paul Williamson, Total
Cengiz Esmersoy, Schlumberger
Christof Stork, Landmark/Halliburton
Gerhard Pratt, Queen's University
Jacques Leveille, Hess Corporation

Workshop Schedule

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FWI Applications from Imaging to Reservoir Characterization (SEG SRW 2015)
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