Emergent and Challenging Issues in Rock Physics (SEG SRW 2008)

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SEG 2008 Summer Research Workshop
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Date 20–24 July 2008
Sponsor(s) Shell, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, Devon, Chevron
Location Galway, Ireland

Unconventional Resources: What do we know and what is the road ahead?

Calibration of seismic amplitude response requires accurate prediction of the expected acoustic properties for reservoir rocks, non-reservoir lithologies (e.g. mudrocks), and pore fluids at varying conditions. The estimation of seismic amplitude variation with offset (AVO) and time-lapse (4D) response is similarly dependent on reliable rock and fluid property information. Rock physics relationships are an essential element in the evaluation and modeling of seismic attributes for hydrocarbon exploration. Integration of lab- and well-based data is essential in the development of rock physics models with predictive capability. Recent experiences reported from a number of global basins have demonstrated the value of an integrated approach to developing rock and fluid acoustic properties for the quantitative interpretation of seismic data. While tremendous progress has been made in recent years and models reported for key reservoir and non-reservoir lithologies, gaps remain and unresolved issues in rock physics continue to be studied and debated.

Workshop Topics

  • Laboratory rock physics methods and analyses
  • Rock physics of reservoir rocks
  • Carbonate rock physics
  • Rock physics for unconventional and fractured rocks
  • Mudrock rock physics and application to pore pressure prediction
  • Rock physics for 4D – reservoir and non-reservoir modeling
  • Numerical and theoretical rock physics models and anisotropy
  • Upscaling and integration – bringing lab and well to the seismic


Saudi Aramco

Organizing Committee

Mark G. Kittridge, Chair (Shell Int’l EP Inc.)
Tad M. Smith (ConocoPhillips)
Keith Katahara (Devon)
Arthur Cheng (Cambridge GeoScience)
Colin Sayers (Schlumberger)

Technical Committee

Per Avseth (RPT)
Luca Duranti (Chevron ETC)
Boris Gurevich (Curtin U.)
Chris Bean (Uni. Col. Dublin)
Dan Ebrom (BP)
Carl H. Sondergeld (U. Oklahoma)
Tiziana Vanorio (Stanford U.)

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Emergent and Challenging Issues in Rock Physics (SEG SRW 2008)
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