Elastic VSP – 2D Walk-Away

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This 2D walk-away VSP for well number 1 contains 4-component data. Well 1 is located at North 23900 m and East 10075 m. There are 151 EW shots along North 23900 m into 467 down hole 4 component receivers from a depth of 1000 – 7990 meters incrementing by 15 m. The 151 shots are from East 3700 m to East 18700 m at an interval of 100 m. In effect, the shots walk-away to both the West and East directions from the well. The shots are initiated 15 m below the non-absorbing sea surface. 4 traces per level are pressure and 3-components of particle acceleration. Each trace contains 2001 samples at 8ms interval for a total length of 16 seconds.

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