Ed K. Biegert

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Ed K. Biegert
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SEG Special Commendation 2022

Ed K. Biegert receives Special Commendation for his 40-year contribution to the field and community of nonseismic applied geophysics at Shell, SEG, and Rice University. His skills, knowledge, willingness to help others, and dedication to industry are what make him greatly appreciated by his peers and worthy of recognition. He is an associate editor for Journal of Applied Geophysics and is a long-time member of SEG’s Gravity and Magnetics Committee, through which he has helped organize several workshops.

Biography Citation for the Special Commendation Award

by Manik Talwani

Ed Biegert is internationally recognized as a foremost expert in the application of gravity and magnetic methods in the exploration for hydrocarbons and for sharing his expertise widely for the benefit of the community.

After obtaining a PhD in physics from Rice University and after a brief stint with a NASA contractor, Ed joined Shell Research in 1978, where for 40 years as an individual scientist and a research manager, he conducted basic research, developed and applied new technologies, conducted field surveys, performed field experiments, and participated in international exploration activities. As a scientist working in industry rather than in academia, he did not have the opportunity to publish all of his research work. Even so, his work found its way into the research mainstream.

Ed is well recognized for his expertise, ability, and versatility in employing different methods. The following small sample of some of the projects he worked on will give some indication of his expertise and versatility:

• Integrating gravity gradient data in the cycle of iterative prestack depth migration; • Quantitative bathymetric analyses of selected deepwater siliclastic margins to obtain basin configurations for deepwater fan systems with potential impact on deepwater exploration; • Evaluating marine gravity gradiometry for hydrocarbon detection; • Diverse applications of 4D gravity monitoring; • Early developing of seismic amplitude variation with offset technology as a direct hydrocarbon indicator; • Developing detection tools for oil seeps using optical and remote sensing tools; • Resolving basement architecture in the Guahira offshore basin of Colombia; • Resolving depth to Curie temperatures across the central Red Sea from magnetic data using the defractal method. Depth of the Curie isotherm provides an important constraint on maturation within sedimentary basins; • Using interferometric synthetic aperture radar for monitoring subsidence of fields, with respect to production.

Ed has had an illustrious and dedicated career in applied geophysics, especially pertaining to oil and gas exploration and production. He has been one of the most prominent advocates for potential-field and electromagnetic geophysics in the oil and gas industry.

Throughout his career he has dedicated much time and effort to the education and mentoring of younger geophysicists, and he has consistently, over several decades, devoted a significant amount of time and effort to the service of SEG. Ed is a managing editor on the SEG Books Editorial Board and a reviewer for Geophysics and Interpretation. He has organized several workshops for the Gravity and Magnetics Committee.

Ed has made contributions throughout his career in his special, quiet but effective, way. He is a world-class geophysicist who transcends industry and academia as well as subdisciplines of exploration geophysics and has ably represented SEG in the world geoscience community. He richly deserves the SEG Special Commendation award.