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E. V. McCollum
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President year 1958

E. V. McCollum served as the 1958-1959 SEG President.

Biography for SEG Presidential Candidacy, 1958 [1]

E.V. McCollum, candidate for President, received his A.B. degree in 1926, both from the University of Oklahoma. He was employed by the Marland Oil Company from June 1926, until July 1929, and by Continental Oil Company as control geophysicist from July, 1929, until May 1939. He was employed by the Mott-Smith Corporation as chief geophysicist from May 1939 until September 1943. Since 1943 he has been associated with E.V. McCollum and Company, gravity and magnetic contractor. He is a member of the American Physical Society of America, the Tulsa Geological Society, and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. He served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for the year 1948-1949. He served on the Council of the Tulsa Geological Society in 1951-1952, as District Representative of the Geophysical Society of Tulsa 1952-1954, member of the SEG Business Office Committee 1953-1954, and was the Editor of The Proceedings of the Geophysical Society of Tulsa in 1955.


Proubasta, D. (1982). ”E. V. McCollum.” The Leading Edge, 1(5), 60–64.[1]

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  1. Geophysics, Vol. XXIII, No.2, April 1958