Douglas Barman

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Douglas Barman
Douglas D. Barman headshot.jpg
President year 1981
BSc Exploration Geophysics
BSc university St. Louis University

Douglas Dale Barman is an American geophysicist and was the 1981-1982 SEG President.

Biography for SEG Presidential candidacy

Geophysics, Vol. 46, No. 6, June 1981

Douglas D. Barman, candidate for President, has been an Active Member of SEG for 32 years. He was Vice-President in 1974, General Chairman of the 42nd Annual International SEG Meeting at Anaheim in 1972, Vice-Chairman of Finance of the 1964 convention in Los Angeles, and President and Vice-President of the Pacific Coast Section of SEG.

He was chairman of the first geophysical digital seminar in the United States in 1965, sponsored by an SEG Section, member of the Steering Committee, and Entertainment Chairman of the 51st Annual International SEG meeting to be held in Los Angeles in 1981, and has held chairmanships of several committees of SEG and API, and is a registered geophysicist and geologist in the State of California.

Early Years and Education

Barman was born in Tampa, Florida. He received a B.S. degree in exploration geophysics from the Institute of Geophysics of St. Louis University in 1950. He is a veteran of World War II.

Professional Career

Barman's professional career has covered all phases of geophysical exploration including seismic, gravity, magnetics, and magnetotellurics.

He joined Texaco in Andrews, Texas in 1950, working as a trainee on a reflection seismic crew, with subsequent assignments in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, Alaska, England, and Canada. He is consulting exploration geophysicist to the Los Angeles Division.

Barman has guest lectured in geophysics at Stanford, U.S.C., California State University, Fullerton, and University of Redlands. He has advised and consulted with Stanford University, California State University, and Fullerton on setting up M.S. programs in geophysics. He has authored numerous papers on geophysics which are proprietary to his employer.

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