Dictionary:Guide to Pronunciation

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An apostrophe (’) indicates the syllable to be most strongly accented and a comma (,) indicates a syllable to be secondarily accented.

The following symbols are used to indicate pronunciations:

a as in act, that

ā as in aid, date

ch as in charge, beach

d as in do, had

e as in ebb, ten

ē as in equal, team

Image002.gif as in unaccented syllables, e.g., alone, agent, sanity, gallop, focus

f as in fit, differ

g as in give, dog

h as in hit, behind

i as in if, bit

ī as in ice, bite

j as in joy, digit

k as in cast, kill, make

l as in let, mellow

m as in met, summer

n as in now, dent

o as in ox, top

ō as in over, boat

oi as in oil, boy

oo as in hoot

ou as in out, power

p as in put, slip

r as in red, hurry

s as in sign, miss

t as in ten, cat

th as in thin, path

u as in up, love

ū as in use, fuel

v as in voice, weave

w as in wind, away

y as in yet, lawyer

z as in zoo, those

zh as in vision, treasure