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Global climate is changing, with an expected increase in average global temperature of at least 2°F and as much as 11°F over the next century.[1] Geoscientists know from studying Earth's geological history that climate has changed abruptly in the past and will change in the future. There is scientific consensus that human activities are largely causing the current changes, although debate remains as to how to address them.

How does geoscience inform decisions about climate?

Geoscientists interpret the geologic record to understand how Earth’s climate has changed in the past. They use models to predict how climate may change in the future and to assess how those changes may impact people.

Introductory resources

This in-depth web resource summarizes the basic science behind climate change and accompanies a report by experts at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and U.K. Royal Society. The report presents evidence and explanation of climate change for the general public, structured around twenty common questions.

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  1. Advancing the Science of Climate Change, The National Academies,

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