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Please nominate additional open datasets that we need to add to this page below. Make comments to "up vote" datasets, or if you are working on making the data available. Move completed data to a completed list of a date.

These can be described in the wiki and distributed

From the Open source geoscience amazon s3 server. It would be good to get this data off the current server.

  • 2 hess vti 2D synthetics for depth migration (from
  • The 2004 BP Velocity-Analysis Benchmark dataset from the velocity-analysis workshop at the 2004 EAGE meeting, Paris, France (from
  • '1997 2.5D' dataset from ``Strike shooting, dip shooting, widepatch shooting -- Does prestack migration care? A model study, by Etgen and Regone (from
  • The 'Model94' dataset from ``Migration from topography: Improving the near-surface image, by Gray and Marfurt (from
  • Mike O'Brien's 'Statics94' dataset created to test processing techniques for handling near-surface statics (from
  • The 2007 BP TTI Velocity-Analysis Benchmark dataset for the velocity-analysis workshop at the 2010 EAGE meeting in Barcelona(from
  • seg/eage overthrust model

Oz Yilmaz collection of 40 shots from around the world

These datasets are referred to/ included in the book or can be downloaded from Seismic Unix website for redisplay and frequency analysis.

There is a link to get copies of this data at []

UK Government Seismic Programmes

The [UK's Oil and Gas Authority] has now published nearly 100Tb of newly acquired and reprocessed 2D offshore seismic data under open conditions of use. This is accompanied by gravity and magnetic data, velocity models, and various studies and reports. Data for over 1,200 offshore wells are also included, incorporating raw and joined well logs and associated reports.

The data is available to download for free (free registration required) from

Field data and other data sets too large to download can be ordered on media from the same site for the cost of media and handling.

These sources can be searched for open data.

Once identified they can be moved to the group "can be described in wiki"

  • Michigan Tech's list of links to public seismic datasets
  • A compendium of multicomponent datasets compiled by the EDGER consortium at UT
  • seg student field camp data. Data is currently in segd format. Data would be easier to use if translated to segy and saved along with the segd data. John Stockwell may know how to find some of this data.
  • Yilmaz book data. 40 should from around the world is available from Stanford (SEP) and maybe other Universities. Later revisions of the book have additional data that is not as well known.
  • Line 001 from provided by Waldek Ogonowski (Ray) is already indexed in Alternate distribution could be provided from Amazon s3. Pictures can be added to the wiki.

These data can be retrieved with some effort and perhaps cost

  • archival data on seg/eage salt dome model that na1 and wa1 are subsets. Some suggest they are not worth salvaging since they can be easily recomputted on modern computers. If we attempt to salvage the old data, it would probably be best to use Ovation services.

These data have restrictive licenses that forbid redistribution.

  • Can owners be found and convinced to provided to offer a more generous license that would allow SEG to redistribute before the data are orphaned. This is a challenging goal but would be a service to the exploration geophysical community.
  • Datasets from the SMAART (Subsalt Multiple-Attenuation And Reduction Team) project: Pluto 1.5, Sigsbee 2A and 2B, Ziggy
  • Marmousi

These data are missing. Can they be found and made generally available?

  • part(s) of mobil viking graben dataset from Keys and Foster SEG keynote/research workshop. according to the book describing the data there should VSP at each of the two wells and some other files containing the observer logs. In August of 2013 and the Source Signature was added to the online repository. Delft (Vershuur?) used the VSP in a publication, but did not have a copy April, 2013.

Kurt Marfurt's processing lab ppt based on stratton

  • look in schleicher's mac in Documents/seismic_processing_marfurt