CO2 Sequestration Geophysics (SEG SRW 2009)

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SEG 2009 Summer Research Workshop
Date 23-27 August 2009
Sponsor(s) Schlumberger, Nexen, Petroleum Technology Research Centre, PennWest Energy, Ikon Science, PGS
Location Banff, Canada

CO2 Sequestration Geophysics

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has significant implications for reducing atmospheric CO2 emissions, stabilizing global climate conditions, and for developing future environmentally-friendly energy technologies. One of the most promising CCS technologies is CO2 geo-sequestration, in which CO2 is captured at source and injected into deep subsurface geologic formations for long-term storage. There is an exponential growth of interest in the geoscience aspects of CCS, and an accompanying proliferation of research conferences and workshops dedicated to this topic. The joint AAPG/SPE/SEG Hedberg conference on CO2 in Vancouver, Canada in August 2009 is such an example covering a broad range of geoscience CCS topics.

This SEG summer research workshop was instead highly focused, in coordination with the more general Hedberg, on the hard-core geophysics aspects of CCS, including rock and fl uid physics, fl ow-to-seismic simulations, site characterization, CO2 plume imaging and monitoring, quantitative CO2 estimation and inversion, risk assessment, and novel case studies. There was a strong emphasis on discussion and debate, facilitated by keynote discussion leaders, experts, academics, and practitioners.

Workshop Topics

  • CO2 sequestration challenges and the role of Geophysics
  • Rock physics for CO2/brine/oil mixtures
  • Geophysical Modeling of CO2 sequestration simulations
  • Geophysical Site Characterization (rocks, storage capacity, faults, seals, risk…)
  • Seismic Data Acquisition techniques for CO2 (sparse, dense, active, passive…)
  • Non-Seismic Data Acquisition techniques (EM, gravity, geodetic, etc.)
  • Geophysical Data Processing / Imaging Issues specific to CO2
  • Geophysical Data Interpretation challenges (CO2 distributions, quantitative estimates…)
  • Geophysical Data Inversion challenges (quantitative CO2 mass/volume/saturation…)
  • New Geophysical CCS Case Studies from around the world


Petroleum Technology Research Centre
PennWest Energy
Ikon Science

Organizing Committee

David Lumley, Chair, University of Western Australia
Tom Daley, LBL
Kevin Dodds, BP
Ola Eiken, Statoil
Lianjie Huang, LANL
Don Lawton, University of Calgary
Ron Masters, Shell
Tom Ridsdill-Smith, Woodside
Partha Routh, ConocoPhillips
Don Sherlock, Chevron Australia
Michel Verliac, Schlumberger
Don White, NRCan

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