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"Who ya gonna call? G-BOIS."

About Us


The Boise State Geophysics Club (G-BOIS) represents the Boise State University student chapter of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. In line with the goals of SEG, this organization seeks to connect students to the world of applied geophysics while using SEG provided tools and resources that allow us to:

  • Advance the science of explorational geophysics
  • Foster common scientific interests
  • Support humanitarian efforts
  • Accelerate geophysical innovation [1]

As a student organization, we aim to provide avenues which facilitate professional growth by providing members with information regarding opportunities such as scholarships, professional development, and social networking. In addition to the promotion of the geosciences within our student community, we seek to connect with our local community through community outreach with local organizations and schools.


Xongbo Xu during the G-BOIS 2017 field trip to Borah Peak, ID.
Faculty advisor Dylan Mikesell and G-BOIS member Zongbo Xu set up a Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) survey (2018).

G-BOIS has been chosen to participate in SEG EVOLVE 2020!

A description of the SEG EVOLVE program[2]

Distinguished Lecturers

Distinguished Lecturer Scott Michell visits BSU to present "Subsalt Imaging: Snapshots in Time, Reflections, and Next Steps" (2016)

2019-2020 Officers

President Kristina Rossavik
Vice-president Rainey Aberle
Treasurer Jonathan Yelton
Secretary Caitlin Oliver
Faculty Advisor Dylan Mikesell

Former Officers

Term of Office President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Faculty Advisor
2019-2020 Kristina Rossavik Jonathan Yelton Rainey Aberle William Schermerhorn Dylan Mikesell
2018-2019 Diego Domenzain Tate Meehan Thomas Florence Patrick Zrelak Dylan Mikesell
2016-2017 Rebekah Lee Aida Mendieta Marlon Ramos Tate Meehan Dylan Mikesell
2013-2014 Kellie Rey Helena Mallonee Shaun Finn Kathleen Sulik Bundy Jeffrey Johnson

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