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Andrea Crook
Membership SEG, CSEG, EAGE, and APEGA
BSc Geophysics
BSc university University of Manitoba

Andrea Crook, President of OptiSeis Solutions Ltd., graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2002 with a BSc in Geophysics. She began her career as a seismic processor at Shell Canada and later moved into the Geophysical Operations group where she designed and implemented 2D, 3D, 4D, and experimental seismic acquisition projects. Building on the knowledge she gained at Shell, in 2008 she joined RPS Boyd PetroSearch and consulted on a variety of seismic programs for both oil & gas and potash exploration.

In 2011, Andrea co-founded OptiSeis Solutions Ltd., a geophysical acquisition software and survey design company focused on developing innovative acquisition solutions for acquiring high-resolution seismic data. In her initial roll as Chief Geophysicist at OptiSeis, she was responsible for the acquisition design and sub-surface modeling for both Canadian and international seismic surveys. As President, she currently oversees both seismic acquisition design projects and software development.

Andrea Crook is a Professional Geophysicist (P.Geoph.) registered with APEGA and is an active member of the SEG, CSEG, EAGE, and APEGA. She currently teaches seismic acquisition courses for the SEG, the CSEG Doodletrain, and privately upon request. In addition to teaching seismic acquisition, Andrea is an experienced piano teacher registered with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

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