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Alfred Liang-Chi Liaw
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Membership Life

Alfred Liang-Chi Liaw is currently the Executive Director at SEG China.

SEG Life Membership 2015

The Honors and Awards Committee unanimously recommends awarding Life Membership to Alfred Liaw. Alfred has made tremendous contributions to our society by serving on the SEG Executive Committee and many other committees over a decade. Dr. Liaw is a key element in SEG achieving success in China over the years. He has coordinated efforts in China for SEG since the beginning of setting up the China office and has helped SEG to deal with numerous details and difficulties during SEG operation in China.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership 2015

by Xianhuai Zhu

It is most appropriate for SEG to recognize Alfred Liaw with Life Membership for his volunteering services to professional societies.

As a volunteer, he certainly has done a lot for SEG, as follows: 2001, instigated the SEG PC for Students program, which was funded by the SEG Foundation for 10 years and has benefited more than 35 SEG Student Chapters; 2008, served as the China Task Force leader to open the SEG first overseas office in Beijing; 2008, SEG Annual Meeting Organizing Committee; 2008, chaired the SEG International Showcase program; 2008– 2010, Board of Directors, SEG Global, Inc.; 2008–2009, chairman, SEG Global Affairs Committee; 2009, cochairman, CPS/SEG Beijing 2009 Geophysical Conference; 2010–2011, SEG Vice President, serving on the SEG Executive Committee; 2011, Technical Program Chairman, SEG Shale Gas Technology Forum, Chengdu, China; 2012–2014, SEG Director-at-large, serving on the SEG Board of Directors; chaired the China Strategy Task Force, leading to the registration of the SEG China office as a wholly owned foreign entity; 2013, SEG Board of Directors Special Lecturer, visiting 17 SEG Student Chapters in China and Taiwan; 2014, cochairman, CPS/SEG Beijing 2014 Geophysical Conference, Beijing; 2015, Executive Director, SEG China office.

In addition to his contributions to SEG, Alfred provided his volunteering services to the Chinese American Petroleum Association (CAPA), an associate society of SEG, from 2000 to 2007. He was the CAPA president in 2003 and chairman of the CAPA board in 2006. He instigated the CAPA annual training program in CPC Taiwan.

Alfred was a Distinguished Geophysical Adviser at Anadarko before his retirement in 2015. He started his career with ARCO and then worked at Oryx and Kerr-McGee before joining Anadarko. During his 37 years in the oil and gas industry, Alfred has contributed to exploration and development projects in the U. S. onshore, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, China, West and East Africa, Romania, Australia, and Brazil. Alfred’s volunteering services to professional societies are now recognized by SEG Life Membership.

"Alfred Liang-Chi Liaw, 2008"

He received the SEG Presidential Award for "outstanding service to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists" in 2008.

His past professional career has included positions at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, SEG, Chinese American Petroleum Association (CAPA), Oryx, Kerr-McGee, and ARCO.

Biography 2005 [1]

Alfred Liang-chi Liaw obtained a B.S. in geology from the National Taiwan University, an M.S. from Southern Methodist University, and a Ph.D. in engineering geoscience from the University of California at Berkeley. He began to work at Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) in 1977 and at Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas Corporation in 1998, where he is now chief geophysicist of exploration technology. He has been involved in exploration and development operations as well as technology applications in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, West and East Africa, the Northwest Shelf of Australia, offshore Brazil, eastern Europe, and onshore and offshore China.

In the last six years, Liaw has worked primarily on worldwide deepwater exploration projects at Kerr-McGee, and has participated in numerous deepwater discoveries. He has been licensed as a professional geoscientist in Texas. Liaw is a member of SEG and AAPG, is past president of the Chinese American Petroleum Association, and is the Asian region coordinator of the SEG Global Affairs Committee.


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