Agatha Onuwaje

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Agatha Onuwaje
BSc Geology
MSc Oil and Gas Management
BSc university University of Calabar
MSc university Robert Gordon University

Agatha Onuwaje is a Senior Geohazards Specialist with more than 16 years of experience working in the global oil and gas industry. She has worked on the geohazards, geosolutions, well delivery (deep and shallow offshore), non-operated ventures, and front-end studies teams at Shell.

Currently, Onuwaje is a Senior Geohazards Specialist in the Houston-based Geohazards Assessment and Pore Pressure Prediction Team for Shell International Exploration and Production Incorporated. The team provides geohazards assessment support to a wide range of projects from safe well delivery in challenging subsurface environments to delivery of offshore infrastructure and regional evaluation of hydrocarbon seepage and sampling for Shell’s global onshore and offshore activity.

Onuwaje received her Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Calabar (2000) and her Master’s in Oil and Gas Management from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (2012).

Onuwaje is the Facilitator of the Deepwater Operators’ Geohazards Forum (OGF) and a co-developer/co-instructor of the Introduction to Geohazards Assessment Course for the Shell Open University.

2023 SEG North America Honorary Lecturer

The Role of Geohazards Assessment in the Evolving Energy Mix

Traditional geohazards assessment for the energy industry has largely focused on predicting, avoiding, and mitigating geohazards that impact oil and gas drilling or infrastructure placement. With growing investment in renewable energy sources (RES) and decarbonizing solutions such as wind, geothermal, CCUS, the geohazards assessment role is evolving. Staying relevant means adapting workflows and innovating technologies that solve challenges associated with developing RES and decarbonizing solutions. The geohazards assessment tools and interpretation skillset are particularly well positioned to drive evaluations and provide solutions that support RES and decarbonizing solutions.

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