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Earth Model Forum
Colorado 2012
Date 19-23 August 2012
Location Avon, Colorado, USA

The goal of this forum was to promote and exchange ideas/concepts related to 21st-century interpretation.


Are you an interpreter? If so, the new SEG IQ Earth Forum is just for you!

Your team has accepted the challenge of 21st-century interpretation: to create, visualize, and analyze quantitative 3D earth models, informed by each of your disciplines. Together, you interpret subsurface structure and rock and fluid properties, accounting for all the data. You are learning to speak one another's languages. You use the most advanced methods because you're adapting to new challenges, wherever and however opportunities arise — new plays; new processing methods; new technology for integrating seismic, logs, cores, potential fields, basin studies; maybe even data that some on your team did not realize were important until you put them together. You haven't solved all the problems — there's never enough time to learn new tools and still get the work out, and the applications aren't yet integrated enough — but you're moving through the cycle from exploration to appraisal to development faster than anyone would have thought possible a decade ago.

The First Annual IQ Earth Forum featured keynote addresses from Anadarko, Apache, ExxonMobil, Schlumberger, Total and SEG President Bob Hardage.

Organizing Chairman

Ron Masters

Quote from SEG President

"The IQ Earth challenge is vital to geophysics. For optimal exploration and exploitation of energy resources, interpreters need a technology, a process and a skill set that allow data to be accessed from many disciplines, merged into integrated databases, and quantified in terms of their sensitivities to rock and fluid properties, with appropriate measures of uncertainty attached to all calculation steps. This is a bold challenge to which most players in the petroleum industry aspire, and to various degrees are already addressing. Leading universities are also establishing multidisciplinary educational initiatives to enable the next generation of subsurface scientists. However, much more can be done. IQ Earth assembles three constituent groups – users, providers, academics – to work toward the essential goal of creating an integrated and quantified interpretation science."

Bob Hardage
2012 SEG President


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