1st International Workshop on Microseismic Technology

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SEG Asheville 2014
SEG Asheville 2014
Date 17-22 August 2014

DoubleTree Asheville-Biltmore Hotel

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

The 1st International Workshop on Microseismic Technology featured contributions from the industry and academic institutions around the world to all aspects of microseismic technology.


The production of oil and gas from unconventional reservoirs relies on hydraulic fracturing as a means for increasing the naturally low permeability of tight formations to levels that make the exploitation of such reservoirs economically viable. When formations are hydraulically fractured, they tend to emit elastic energy in the form of micro-earthquakes, whose monitoring can yield valuable information about the volume of fractured rock, reveal the state of stress of a reservoir, and help mitigate seismic hazard. Microseismic monitoring is an emerging technology that faces unique geophysical challenges and offers information that improves our understanding of unconventional reservoirs.

Technical Topics

Data acquisition

  • Survey design
  • Instrumentation
  • Comparison of various recording geometries


  • Methods of increasing signal-to-noise ratio
  • Velocity model building and calibration
  • Precision of event locations
  • Estimation of source parameters
  • Co-processing of data recorded in different geometries (e.g. surface and downhole)


  • Integration with active seismic, geomechanics, geochemistry, completion data
  • Estimation of stimulated reservoir volume
  • Construction of discrete fracture networks
  • Modeling of micro-seismicity

Case studies

  • Impact of microseismic on economics of unconventional reservoirs
  • Successful and unsuccessful applications of microseismicity

Environmental issues

  • Hazards related to hydraulic fracturing, water disposal, and energy production from geothermal reservoirs
  • Alleviation of public concerns

Organizing Committee


Werner Heigl (Apache Corp)
Vladimir Grechka (Marathon Oil)


Brad Artman (Spectraseis Inc)
Christopher Maisons (Magnitude-Geo)
Julie Shemeta (MEQ Geo, Inc)
Leo Eisner (IRSM)
Serge Shapiro (Freie University Berlin)
Stephen Wilson (Pinnacle Technologies)


Marathon Oil

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