William Pelton

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William Pelton
William H. Pelton headshot.png
Latest company Phoenix Geophysics Limited
Membership SEG, EAEG, CIM and AIME
BSc Engineering Physics
BSc university University of British Columbia
PhD university University of Utah

W. H. Pelton, S. H. Ward, P. G. Hallof, W. R. Sill, and P. H. Nelson received the 1978 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Mineral discrimination and removal of inductive coupling with multifrequency induced-polarization.[1]


William H. Pelton received a B.A.Sc. degree in engineering physics from the University of British Columbia and 1969. He worked as a geophysicist in the Toronto office of McPhar Geophysics Limited, until 1971, when he was employed as vice president and general manager of McPhar Geoservices (Philippines), Inc., in Manila. In 1973 he returned to North America to engage in graduate studies in induced polarization at the University of Utah. He received a Ph.D. degree in 1977, and after a brief period at the U.S. Geological Survey in Denver, joined Phoenix Geophysics Limited, of Willodale, Ont. Canada, as vice-president. Dr. Pelton is a member of SEG, EAEG, CIM and AIME, and is a registered professional engineer of the province of Ontario.[2]


  1. Pelton, W. H., et. al. (1978), Mineral discrimination and removal of inductive coupling with multifrequency induced-polarization, Geophysics 43(3):588.
  2. Contributors, Geophysics 43(3):660.

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