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Wenrong Xu
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Membership Life Member

Xu Wenrong has done as much to enhance China’s involvement with SEG than any other person. People who meet him instantly recognize his talent, excellent English, and friendly nature. He rose quickly to become president of the largest geophysical contractor in China, BGP. Under his leadership BGP grew from the geophysical arm of the national oil company to one of the largest and most competitive seismic acquisition and processing companies in the world. He recently was promoted to assistant president of the China National Petroleum Company.

Although Chinese geophysicists have been interacting with SEG for more than 25 years, the quality and quantity of these interactions have improved dramatically over the past five years under the leadership of Xu Wenrong. He has steadily pushed for more face-to-face interaction and has set an example of having spent the majority of his career overseas. He was chairman of the organizing committee for the 2004 CPS/SEG meeting in Beijing. He has regularly supported SEG in the United States as well by participating in global forums, Asia/Pacific events, and other activities.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

Contributed by Yaohui Zhang

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists is conferring on Xu Wenrong the award of Life Membership in recognition of his outstanding leadership and excellent services to the Society. He has been prominent in building close ties between China and the world geophysical community. He has been instrumental in enhancing China’s involvement in SEG through his mentoring of 300 young geophysicists and encouraging them to join SEG; his leadership in organizing the SEG-Chinese Petroleum Society 2004 Conference and Exposition in Beijing; and, particularly, his leadership in building BGP into a world-class competitor in the geophysical services industry.

Xu graduated from China Petroleum University in July 1982 and began his career as an exploration geophysicist in BGP. He served as 3D field crew and quality control supervisor before he was promoted to chief geophysicist of the Second Division. In 1991 he was promoted to chief geophysicist of the BGP Exploration Department. In 1996, he received the accolade of professor of geophysics for his innovative contributions to the development of BGP seismic technology. He has published many papers and received numerous awards from China National Petroleum Corporation and BGP.

Xu was one of the first managers involved in the 1990 entry of BGP into the international market. Until 2004 he spent more than 70% of his time overseas, studying and developing the global market for BGP. In 1993 he was appointed president of BGP International with full responsibilities for all operations. Starting with two crews in 1994, BGP International increased to 40 crews in 2005, an average growth of 3.5 crews per year. He became the most widely known and recognized manager in the BGP organization. In 2000 he was elected president of BGP with responsibilities for all activities. Under his leadership the government-owned enterprise has undergone a successful transformation through mergers with domestic competitors, improvements in management, enrichment of the corporate culture, emphasis on HSE, and the leveraging of BGP technologies to the point that it has become the dominant contractor in the China domestic market and one of the most competitive, and profitable companies in the international market. BGP is now the largest land and shallow water geophysical contractor in the world with a total of 99 field crews operating in most of the petroleum- exploring countries.

In recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the exploration for oil and natural gas, Xu Wenrong was recently promoted to assistant president of the China National Petroleum Corporation. Each time our industry leaders meet with Xu Wenrong, they are impressed by his professionalism, his knowledge of business and technology, and by his clear vision of the future of our industry. Despite his demanding schedule, he seeks every opportunity to study and familiarize himself with the latest knowledge. He has enrolled in a PhD program at China Petroleum University and has passed the degree prerequisites. He will receive his doctorate in the near future.

Behind every successful man stands a devoted wife. Wenrong’s wife, Yaping, has always been the reliable support behind him. She shares much of the credit for Wenrong’s outstanding professional achievements. Xu is the president of the Society of Petroleum Geophysicists of China where he has tirelessly promoted collaboration between SEG and the Chinese Petroleum Society by encouraging technical exchanges, continuing education programs, and memberships in SEG. His enthusiasm and personal energy have been a major contribution to ties between the Chinese and world geophysical communities.

Xu Wenrong is truly deserving of SEG’s Life Membership Award.