Weinzierl Wulf electrometer

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Weinzierl Wulf electrometer
Serial number
Manufactuer(s) Guenther and Tegetmeyer
Physical location
Summary Wienzierl to keep at company office


This machine was likely used in early oil exploration. It was thought that gases emit certain qualities that can be measured by an electrometer. Mintrop and Seismos Exploration an others conducted research on the concepts with some success. See Exploration techniques: Radon can help find uranium, rare earths, oil & gas or Radon-Thoron Isotope Ratios: (a method of geochemical exploration for oil and gas.) The unit was brought to us by John Weinzierl to identify and assemble. His grandfather who worked for Seismos (Mintrop) was the owner and also one of the founders of the SEG.


Electrtometer Weinzierl.JPG