Vibrator Omni Sweep Module

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Item Vibrator Omni Sweep Module
Item code
Manufacturer Geosource
Circa 1980
Donor Rhys Evans
Location HGC
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG2098A

OMNI-SWEEP adds a new dimension to the field proven capabilities of the RCV/SHV-410 Vibrator Control System. With OMNI-SWEEP, the field operator/observer can readily select the type of sweep (linear, logarithmic, T-Alpha, or user-defined) which is best suited for the intended application, and can define the critical parameters of the sweep. Thus, the RCV/SHV-410 Vibrator Control Electronics now provides the user with the following sweep selections: 1. Linear Sweep/Normal Amplitude, 2. Linear Sweep/Programmed Amplitude, 3. Nonlinear Sweep/Normal Amplitude, 4. Nonlinear Sweep/Programmed Amplitude

GSH IMG2098A.jpg