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The company I want to introduce is MicroSeismic Inc [1].

Office glimpse of MicroSeismic Inc

According to Bloomberg[2] and the Linkedin profile, MicroSeismic Inc is a privately held company founded in 2003, with the headquarter in Houston, TX. It focuses on surface microseismic, and is an oilfield services company providing completions evaluation services for monitoring hydraulic fracturing operations in unconventional oil and gas plays. The company size is 51-200 employees, which is the biggest among the microseismic service companies all over the world.

The foundation of MicroSeismic Inc was driven by the world’s demanding more and more natural gas every day. Correspondingly, it has developed complete products and services including completion evaluation, hydraulic fracture monitoring & mapping, seismicity monitoring and reservoir monitoring and advanced real-time analysis. Just as its blog says, “These and other technological advancements take the fear out of fracing, ensuring that both people and the environment are safe. It’s time to step up, and have a heaping plateful of natural gas.”


During the past 3-5 years, the oil and gas industry slowly recovers from an unprecedented downturn. It has become clear that the U.S. unconventional plays have become a key player in the worldwide upstream sector [3]. Yet, although microseismic technique has become a central geophysics topic at least in North America, it has suffered from the downturn to a great extent, as operators (and particularly the stimulation and reservoir engineers in the room) have been steering away from it. To survive such circumstance, MicroSeismic Inc is more engaging in new technologies than other companies, to lower expense and risk. For example, in 2013, it Introduced new Completions Evaluation Services and PSET® 5.0. In 2014, it acquired new downhole monitoring assets from Reservoir Imaging, Inc. In 2015, it launched AlertArray® life-of-asset seismicity monitoring system to help operators mitigate risks. In 2016, it launched PIndex®, DIndex® and Production Forecast for quantitative and predictive Completions Evaluation Services. With those advantages, the size of MicroSeismic Inc is able to stay largely constant.


Up till now, MicroSeismic Inc has monitored and analyzed over 35,000 frac stages across the United States and 18 countries internationally. From advanced real-time analysis to reservoir monitoring, it delivered an unparalleled safety record of over 1.7 million man hours without a Lost Time Incident. In the near future, this company is planning to expand the market of shale gas drilling in Europe. And the company will support the development of viable alternative energy sources. For example, geoscientists are currently mapping hydrothermal energy resources and building geothermal systems where heat exchange chambers are created in the sub-surface for harvesting the earth’s heat. Co2 sequestration is another important area that can be impacted by mapping reservoirs for placement of Co2 and then monitoring it to ensure it stays in the ground. Also as the earth’s population grows and clean water becomes scarce, geophysics will be a principle tool for locating and estimating fresh water reserves.

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