Zhen Zhang

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Zhen Zhang, Intern Geophysicist, Borehole Seismic, LLC.

Hermann Park

Volunteer role, companies or professional affiliations

  • Wiki - Fifth edition editor
  • Associate Member of Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)
  • Normal member of European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)

Skills and interests

  • Programming: MATLAB, C, Fortran, C++, MPI, Shell script, python, java    
  • General software and system: Latex, Spotfire, Microsoft Office, Linux    
  • Geophysical software: Seismic Unix, Madagascar, Fugro Jason, Opendtect

Subject expertise

  • Seismic AVO inversion
  • Offshore seismic processing
  • micro-seismic pre-processing

One question for the SEG Wiki

  1. No question at present.


  1. MicroSeismic Inc
  2. Zero phase/minimum phase/maximum phase wavelet
  3. Comparison of Fourier transform techniques
  4. Three imaging principles
  5. Green's theorem
  6. Inverse Scattering Series
  7. 2D Green's 2nd identity
  8. 3D Sommerfeld Radiation condition
  9. 2D Sommerfeld Radiation condition
  10. 1D Sommerfeld Radiation condition
  11. Some thoughts on effective medium theory incorporated multi-scale attenuation rock physics model