Maria Beatriz de Santa Anna Camisuli

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My name is Maria Beatriz, Im a Seismic Interpreter with ca. 15 years of experience creating opportunities in many basins around the world. I graduated from the Universidad Simon Bolivar as a Geophysical Engineer in 2002 and completed a full year training program with Repsol in Madrid. I have worked both in exploration and development for operating companies in Argentina and for technical consultants in Europe, and I currently work as a freelancer in Argentina sharing my experience with different companies for those projects where I can add value!

Volunteer role, companies or professional affiliations

  • G&G Freelancer
  • SEG Wiki

Skills and interests

  • Seismic Interpretation & Reservoir Characterization
  • Seismic Interpretation in Structurally Complex Settings
  • Geophysics for Exploration
  • Unconventionals - Vaca Muerta Shale @Argentina

Subject expertise

  • Im no expert... there is still so much to learn out there!

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