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    Hector Alfonso
  • Senior Geophysicist advisor Ecopetrol Colombia
  • Master of Science Geophysics University of Houston - Professional Exploration Geophysics Colorado school of Mines - Civil Engineer Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Currently Senior Geophysicist Adviser MSc for Geophysical Operations at ECOPETROL onshore , offshore, advising International and national geophysical Projects at Ecopetrol. For several years Member of asset team responsible for risk analysis, including prospects analysis for opportunities from brazil; Africa ; Peru ; India, Colombia; and Gulf of Mexico. Wide knowledge of seismic exploration. Has worked with Multidisciplinary groups using the team approach, in the search for oil, with interpreters and geophysicists in several countries. Strong skills on seismic processing, seismic imaging and seismic survey designs ; also good knowledge of many software solutions like Seisworks, Geoframe; Geodepth; GXII , Mesa 3D, Petrel; OMNI , GM Sys; Promax; Tsunami; Norsar modelling , Focus and Epos Exemplary teacher winner award at Ecopetrol and also distinguished instructor of the seismic method at several universities and among the oil industry in Colombia.
  • SEG Latín American Commiittee member
  • Elected Council District 6 SEG 2017 2020
  • Motivated volunteer for SEG wiki.
  • Currently Team leader on Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics translation to the spanish language

Companies or professional affiliations

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  • EAGE