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I recently finished my B.S.c. in Geophysics at the University of Alberta and am working as a Geophysicist in training at TAQA North in Calgary. My role is to assist teams in expanding their geophysical analyses beyond basic interpretation by researching new methods and developing new work flows. My particular focus is rock physics and inversion.

After completing high school I planned to become a high school math and science teacher and completed two years of the program. I took a number of introductory classes over these two years and realized that I had an above average passion and interest for math and physics and felt a need to further my education in those areas. An advisor in the physics department encouraged me to try an introductory geophysics class. After my first lecture, I realized I had found my place. I don’t remember ever deciding to transfer into geophysics, it was simply the obvious thing to do. Since then my passion has done nothing but grow. The ability to integrate predictable mathematical models and relatively straightforward physical principles with the incredibly complex, variable and unknown Earth in order to derive valuable information about its structure and contents never ceases to amaze and challenge me and I am excited to begin making my own contributions to the field.

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Professional Affiliations

Topics of interest

  • Rock physics
  • Anything and everything involving math
  • Puns, especially math based puns.