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A goal-driven professional Geophysicist with 10+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Proven success established in seismic PreSDM, Reverse Time Migration (RTM), BEAM Migration, PSTM, Pore Pressure Prediction , Seismic Inversion Studies, Earth Model model building, reflection tomography, structural mapping, facies delineation & sequence stratigraphy. Proficient in geophysical software such as PETREL, OMEGA, FOCUS, GEODEPTH and GEOLOG. Well-versed in the project life cycle coupled with the ability to lead a team and mentor junior members to reach their potential. Academic background includes a Masters degree in Technology in Applied Geophysics. Language skills include fluency in verbal and written English, and intermediate Spanish.

I am also a volunteer to help enrich the SEG Wiki content.

If you would like to learn how you can start contributing, please email me neeajduhoon‐at‐ or get started today.

Companies and professional affiliations

Expertise I can offer

  • Wikitext, general wiki questions
  • Volunteers, community building