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Asa in the garden

I am Asa Nahidi, a geophysicist working in the Oil & Gas industry for more than 10 years. When I was 20, I started my career as a physics teacher but I needed a more complicated and challenging environment and that was how I started my master in geophysics and became a geophysicist. My hobby is writing and I am working on a novel nowadays. I would love to write in English as well as Persian and I consider helping to write SEG wiki a great opportunity to practice English technical writing.

Companies and professional affiliations

Expertise I can offer

  • Seismic time processing
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Writing

Wiki shopping list

  • Future list of extensions/upgrades
  • Wiki awards
    • What is in it for students? Building writing skills, grad school/careers, education; links to other things, broader world of WP
    • Clarify the criteria, at least explain why the criteria is vague
  • Students
    • Use SC posters created by SLS to input content pages
    • Segment of contest, small schools vs. large schools
  • How can we incorporate IRIS into the wiki?
  • Adding employees to wiki?
  • Good list of wiki pages, common editing tasks, and other help pages to explore