Ahmed Rushdy

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I have been in the oil industry for 12 years, mainly working on seismic data processing for various data types through different parts of the world Working with schlumberger one of the leading oil service company in research department developed my expertise in various ways especially i started with production projects for 8 years giving me experience in the practical side as well as management skills then moved to research for 4 years now boosting the academic side

Volunteer role, companies or professional affiliations

  • Schlumberger oil service company
  • SEG community
  • EAGE community
  • Wiki community

Skills and interests

  • Seismic data processing for land / marine/ OBC
  • Special Intrest in seismic data processing application design and develop
  • communication skills

Subject expertise

  • i have wide range f expertise in seismic data processing especially

- Multiple processing - Regularization and data interpolation - developing a processing strategy - Training and mentoring - Client communication