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Spanish translation project

SpanishTranslation Infographic.jpg

Email wiki‐at‐seg.org if you would like to join the Spanish translation project (learn more about this volunteer opportunity).

Current volunteer opportunities

Click on the positions below for full descriptions. SEG currently has 3 wiki positions open.

  1. Geophysics 101 editor
  2. SEG Wiki biographer
  3. SEG Wiki class partnership

Volunteer pages

These volunteers have contributed to the wiki in 2017. View the full list of volunteer pages. Note: Not all contributors to the wiki create user pages, and it is not required to contribute. Create your user page.

Wiki Committee

Wiki team

Chat forum

Welcome to the SEG Wiki volunteer forum. Please post any questions or comments for the SEG Wiki team and your fellow volunteers here. You will need to sign up for a DISQUS account to post. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google, or create your own login with DISQUS.

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