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Position Wiki Meetup editor
When 17-19 October 10:30am - 2:30pm
Where SEG Pavilion, Booth 120
Reports to SEG publications outreach editor
Skills geophysics, research, copy writing, copy editing, organization, willingness to learn to edit the wiki
Time commitment 2-4 hours
More info [email protected]

In 2016, the SEG Wiki reached a milestone: 10 million views (over 6 million in 2015 alone). Over the last year, volunteers made 8,672 individual contributions and grew the number of pages in the wiki by 1,147. SEG Wiki volunteer positions offer exciting opportunities to those wishing to make a significant impact and contribution to the SEG community, its global members and affiliated societies, and the public at large. Join this rapidly growing site and contribute to leave your mark on the only online encyclopedia dedicated to applied geophysics!

The 4th annual Wiki Meetup will take place 17-19 October from 10:30am-2:30pm daily in the SEG Pavilion during Annual Meeting. Join the SEG Wiki Committee and your colleagues as we drive to reach 1,000 biographies and 100 core geophysical topics. Help your fellow volunteers with translation of Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary to Spanish. Contribute to SEG’s open, online source of applied geophysics.

Meetup participants should bring a laptop and a collaborative spirit. No prior wiki experience necessary.

How to apply

To become a volunteer for SEG Dallas 2016, please proceed to the Volunteer Opportunities page. Once there follow these steps:

  1. Select “Wiki Meetup editor"
  2. Scroll through the opportunities and select “Apply Now” to the job you wish to be considered for.
  3. Complete the required fields and submit your application.

NOTE: If you are not logged in to the system, you will be prompted to login prior to applying.

Contribution options

  • Biographies
    • Add historical and current biographies of geophysics experts and major contributors to the field
    • New biographies include but not limited to SEG authors, award winners, and past presidents
    • Goal: reach 1,000 biographies (902 as of 29 August 2016)
  • Core geophysical topics
    • Help explain the basics of geophysics to the public
    • Building off the outline on the Adopt a page as well as the subject matter listed on the geophysics knowledge tree, these volunteers will help the public gain awareness and understanding of the science of applied geophysics
  • Translation of Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary
    • Join a pilot team in translating Sheriff's Dictionary into Spanish
    • Watch this video for an overview of the translation process

Volunteer responsibilities

  • With guidance and support from the publications outreach editor and digital publications manager will contribute to the wiki
  • Ensure content is clear, concise, accurate, well-referenced, and focused on SEG and the wiki's mission
  • Places emphasis on establishing bi-directional linking between the SEG Wiki and other SEG products and services
  • Action orientation - pursues work with energy; perseveres especially in the face of resistance or setbacks
  • Teamwork - encourages collaboration by fostering open dialogue; defines success in terms of the whole team; finds common ground and solves problems for the good of all areas of SEG; represents his/her own interests while exercising fairness to others; shares successes
  • Quality of work - produces high-quality work with few errors


Free access to the Exposition Hall
Wiki Meetup volunteers that serve a minimum of 4 hours will receive complimentary access to the Exposition Hall for all three days. This includes access to coffee breaks (Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning/afternoon, Wednesday morning), the complimentary International Reception in the SEG Pavilion, and complimentary beer stations on Monday/Tuesday, 4:30pm-6pm (not to mention access to the amazing array of exhibiting companies).
SEG Wiki staff will hold webinars and provide in-person training as needed. Volunteers will develop skills working with Mediawiki, building pages with wikitext, and gaining a better understanding of the importance and process of citing scientific sources in launching these pages.
Recommendation letters, networking opportunities
Recommendations gladly provided to great volunteers (e.g., LinkedIn recommendations). You will also have the opportunity to network with other volunteers, SEG members, and the Wiki Committee.
SEG values all our volunteers and will work to make sure that you receive a learning experience that fits your career and learning goals.

Requirements and commitment

  • Minimum: 2 hours (4 hours for free entrance to Exposition Hall)
  • Date: 17-19 October, 10:30am-2:30pm
  • SEG Wiki staff will hold webinars to train volunteers and provide support as needed.

SEG core values

Culture is the heart and soul of an organization’s identity. Who they are, what they aspire to become, how they want to be perceived. These represent how we should treat each other as well as how we execute here at SEG. We would request our volunteers aspire to these core values.

  1. Integrity – acting with honesty and purpose. We hold each other accountable, act with conviction, and speak truthfully.
  2. Service – working to help others. Whether working with others inside or outside the organization, we are a service organization and will get the job done.
  3. Respect – treating everyone with dignity. Regardless of our job description, department, or company, everyone here is on the same mission and should be treated with respect and dignity.
  4. Teamwork – collaborating for shared success. If we don’t work together, we won’t see success. Success requires teamwork! We don’t assign blame, but work to solve the problem and help prevent it from reoccurring.
  5. Communication – clear, consistent, and credible to everyone who is involved. What we communicate and to whom is equally as important.

About the SEG Wiki

The SEG Wiki is publicly accessible and editable to all users registered with SEG (registration is free). The contents of the wiki are dedicated to applied geophysics and the people and technology that support it. The wiki is maintained by the SEG Wiki Committee, volunteers, and readers from all over the world.

The goal of the SEG Wiki is: to expand the world’s knowledge of applied geophysics, to provide further details of ("layer") the science itself, and to engage emerging professionals in the field. Robert E. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition and Oz Yilmaz's Seismic Data Analysis seeded the SEG Wiki with its initial content. We encourage you to read, edit, and enhance the SEG Wiki. Add your layer to the science of applied geophysics today.

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