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  1. Name one 3D synthetic seismic open dataset catalogued on the SEG Wiki's open data page?
  2. How many TLE geophysical tutorials have been published?
  3. How many women are listed in the Women in geoscience category?
  4. What school did J. Clarence Karcher obtain his Ph.D.?
  5. How do you create an internal link to another article on the SEG Wiki?
  6. What was the name of the Best Paper in Geophysics in 1998?
  7. How many videos appear in the wiki help video series?
  8. How many Student Chapters are listed under South and Central America?
  9. What are the name of the two SEG books published in their entirety on the wiki?
  10. Who won the 2015 Student Champion for the wiki awards?
  11. What is the contact email to send the SEG Wiki team questions or comments?
  12. What do red links represent on the SEG Wiki (see the Knowledge tree article for examples)?