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  1. Every year in May we have an Honors & Awards Banquet & there is usually an excellent bio on folks we award life, honorary or other upgraded membership to that are in our Houston community. (Tommie is our current Editor).
  2. At least for the next month or so, (until we change our website), our past GSH Journals back to July 2010 are online as PDF's you can read, (not sure if you can download them):
  3. Prior to that we had a Newsletter, (ditto for online availability as above), with electronic archives back to January 1996:
  4. The gents at the Geoscience Center & Museum are also great repositories of historical information in the organization & I'm sure you may already be in touch with them, (Bill Gafford & Gene Womack).
  5. I've also included a few of our past-Presidents as they may have some ideas who could assist you too (see email).