Peter Annan

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Currently CEO of Sensors & Software Inc.

I am setting up my wiki page..

Academic Backgound

  • 1968: B.A.Sc. Engineering Science
  • 1970: M.Sc. Physics
  • 1974: Ph.D. Physics

Honors & Awards

  • 1996: SEG Near Surface Hal Mooney Award
  • 2000: SEG Honorary Membership
  • 2004: EEGS Frank Frischkneckht Leadership Award
  • 2006: GPR 2006 - Life Acheivement Award
  • 2006: SEG Cecil Green Enterprise Award
  • 2010: SEG Near Surface Honorary Life Membership

Professional affiliations

  • SEG
  • EAGE
  • ASEG
  • EEGS
  • PEO
  • KEGS
  • SEG Finance Committee

Expertise I can offer

  • Expert knowledge in the field of ground penetrating radar
  • In depth knowledge of airborne and ground electromagnetic systems design, development and deployment
  • Extensive experience in the commercial aspects of near surface geophysisc including project management, survey design, data analysis and interpretation.
  • Many years of teaching and education of students including SEG short courses and publications, served as Adjunct Prof at U of Waterloo for 20 years and supervised grad students and served on committees.
  • Extensive business knowledge from several entrepreneurial start ups.
  • Corporate governance - severed on several corporate boards including serving as Chair and Audit Committee Chair