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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln SEG Student Chapter is an active chapter located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The focus of this chapter is to create an environment where students interested in geophysics can thrive by offering various activities such as workshops, field trips, and seminars.

Current Officers (2023-2024)

President: Kaitlin Steinauer

Vice President: Zachary Clowdus

Secretary: Hermione Lofton

Treasurer: Ahmed Alsakiti

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Irina Filina

Chapter Activities


In addition to normal meetings, this year the chapter started off by hosting a resume and headshot photo workshop to help students prepare for upcoming internship and job applications. The field trip consisted of a guided tour to Robber's Cave where both the history and geology of Lincoln, NE, were explored. Multiple guest speakers presented on a variety of topics including carbon sequestration and earth and marine geophysics. This year, our chapter had the opportunity to participate in the 2024 SEG Evolve Energy Exploration program, where the students gained hands-on experience using real world data with help from their wonderful mentors.

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