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Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter
University Universitas Gadjah Mada
President Zidhan Zulfa Alwafi
Faculty Advisor Dr. rer. nat. Ade Anggraini
Country Indonesia
Status Active
Ranking Ridge level

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter (SEG UGM SC) is an active Student Chapter located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. SEG UGM SC was established in 2005. In the beginning, the main activity of SEG UGM SC was a course sponsored by SEG. In 2007, SEG UGM SC got the first opportunity to participate in the Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) program. The first student delegation was Nurfina Rachmawati from Geophysics Batch 2003. After that, SEG UGM continuously joined the annual program and presented to the international forum.

UGM SC fulfills their mission by:

  1. providing students the opportunity to develop and improve leadership skills, management skills and increase networking opportunities,
  2. conducting continuous education activities to enhance and strengthen geophysical skills,
  3. enhancing the sense of professionalism by actively running an organization and networking with other students and professionals.

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. rer. nat. Ade Anggraini
  • Dr. rer. nat. Herlan Darmawan


  • President: Zidhan Zulfa Alwafi
  • Vice President: Tamya Fadly Nurlaely
  • Secretary: Vania Oktaviani
  • Treasurer: Khofifah Noer Romadhoni
  • Head of Course and Workshop Division: Rifki Afan Yudianto
  • Head of Public Relations Division: Rifqi Alif Rahmandito
  • Head of Human Research Development : Annisya Handayani

President by Year

2021 - Saeful Ghofar Zamianie Putra

2020 - Zidhan Zulfa Alwafi

2019 - Ilham Sidik

2018 - Kristoper Julaives Ambarita

2017 - Naufal Abdila

2016 - Adella Putri Afanti

2015 - Pungky Megasari Taradipa Suroyo

2014 - Wahyu Maulaningsih

2013 - Dwiky Perdana Susanto

Best Student Chapter

President Nur Wahyu Maulaningsih receiving Best Student Chapter Award at 2014 Annual Meeting

During the 2014 Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, USA, Gadjah Mada University received the Best Student Chapter award that included a $5,000 travel grant to attend the 2015 SEG Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The Chapter was only the second ever to receive this honor. The ceremony took place during the Commencement for the SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program and SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium Students. Industry leaders and peers watched as prominent representatives of Chevron and ExxonMobil presented certificates of completion to honor the 2014 graduates.[1] The Chapter has received Summit level status twice, every year since the beginning of the Student Chapter Excellence Program in 2012.


Geophysics Expedition

A field trip which is held in coordination with Geophysics Student Society (HMGF) to give experiences for first, second, and third year students to apply what they learned in class to the real field. By joining this program, they will be able to acquire, process, and interpret data. The participants were divided in many teams. They make their own survey design based on the methods and target. They also present the results and write a paper.

Geophysics expedition

Career Development Day

A career workshop which is held in coordination with the Geophysics Student Society (HMGF) to give information about career development for geophysics students. The workshop is divided in two sessions. Session 1 is the technical workshop, introducing participants to the industry profile and the requirements needed by the company. The second session is CV and cover letter writing, including interview simulation.

Geophysics Healthy Life

This event was held to increase the health of geophysics students, combined with blood donations to Helping Indonesian Red Cross to gain and collect blood stocks. This year this event was formed as a medical checkup for students based on industrial recruitment standards.

Honorary lecture 2013

Social Activity

Helping Merapi 2010 Victims to rebuild their condition by visiting some orphan houses and celebrating Idul Adha there. This event successfully gained social responsibility of students in their social life.

Hazard Mitigation

The focus of this program is the Merapi area that had been destroyed by the 2010 eruption. This program was held to increase awareness of the Merapi eruption to minimize future victims. This program was the real action from us to help the government in the hazard mitigation program and transfer knowledge to people who stayed there about the volcanic hazards that we learned in class.

Geophysics Field Camp

Student Competition

This program is held to evaluate geophysical skills and knowledge students learned in class by participating in a competition. This year we held GeoPIC (Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation Challenge) as our real action at the biennial event and also participated in some competition. We also held a very intensive training for who will "fight" in competition by multi-learning education.

Regular Course and Workshop

To gain more knowledge, we also invited professionals from companies or professional organizations. This program was held many times a year and the topic was mostly based on the current needs of students.

SLS award

Field Camp

Geophysics Field Camp is an annual event held by senior students of the Geophysics Sub-Department. Geophysical Field Camp is treated as a geophysical project. There is a preparation stage, such as a geological field trip, HSE training, and class sessions. The next series of events in this project is field survey, consisting of MT survey, Gravity and GPS survey, Geomagnetic survey, Microseismic survey, Geoelectricity survey, Very Low Frequency survey, Self Potential survey. Lastly, there will be presentation and final report (such as a final paper and poster) for the post-field activities.


An International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC) event for students who want to focus on crossing boundaries between all of the geosciences branches such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Geothermal, Disaster Management, Geophysics etc. so they can share their ideas and fulfill their curiosity while interacting with experts, make relation and network . This event provide various technical and non-technical activities in the 3 days conference, 1 day trip, and 2 days post-conference. This event was held on 22 - 27 August 2016 with 628 participants from all around South Asia.

Honorary Lecture

A course which is held in coordination with the Geophysics Student Society (HMGF) and other SEG SC from different university to give information and knowledge to all of the geophysics students in Universitas Gadjah Mada and around Yogyakarta about the global current issues in geophysical exploration. The lecturers were invited from SEG professionals. In 2018, honorary Lecture was held at Seminar room Universitas Pembangunan Nasional that came from the collaboration SEG UGM and UPN SC by Prof. Rima Chatterjee.


An event to give better understanding about geophysics to high school students specially Central Java Region and Yogyakarta. Aim to facilitate high school students to look deeper in earth-science discipline by hiring experts from different fields with some geophysics instrument demonstration. Students are also given opportunity to know some student organization related to geophysics. Our outreach event consist of 4 sub events which are school visit, open house, competition and exhibition. School visit took place in one of top highschool in Klaten. This one day event was attended by professional geophysics from Geophysics Lecturer in UGM. They were Professor Kirbani Sri Brotopuspito, Mr.Dr.rer.nat. Mochammad Nukman, Mr. Theodeous Irwan Irnaka and Mr. Drs. Imam Suyanto. As a series of event, we invited them to SEG Open House in campus along with local high-schoolers in Yogyakarta and informed that we held photo competition with “Geodiversity” as a theme. From this sub event, students were able to know more about geophysics from lecturers and instrument demonstrations. Exhibition is our last series of event, students were guided to University Club and introduced to some geosciences organization booth (SEG SC, AAPG SC , SPE SC ,etc.)


The Summit level Student Chapter is the highest rank of SEG Student Chapter throughout the world. We are on the big 18 Chapter through 138 countries. We currently hold a Summit level ranking.

Every year we also have one delegation who passed the international selection to attend the Student Leadership Symposium at SEG Annual Meeting and Exposition in Houston, New Orleans, San Antonio, or Denver. They are also student recipients of the SEG Travel Grant each year to present their research in the International Forum.

Contact information


Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Universitas Gadjah Mada
Geophysics Laboratory / HMGF UGM
Sekip Utara III BLS 21 55281
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Email: seg.universitasgadjahmada‐at‐gmail.com

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