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We can conclude, therefore, that autocorrelation functions (which are necessarily zero phase) are the best choice for interpreter wavelets - especially autocorrelation functions with smooth and broad amplitude spectra. An additional argument for broadband zero-phase wavelets is the fact that for a given amplitude spectrum, the zero-phase wavelet has the largest central amplitude. The reason is that a zero-phase wavelet, in its Fourier analysis, is made up only of cosine waves in phase at its central point. There are no negative cosine waves and certainly no sine waves, both of which would reduce the peak amplitude. Hence, in wavelet processing, we transform the one-sided reflection wavelets (i.e., one-sided with respect to their arrival times) on the received seismic trace to their zero-phase counterparts (i.e., zero-phase wavelets with respect to their arrival times). These zero-phase interpreter wavelets maximize the detectability of the reflected-event arrival times.