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On occasion, it might be desirable to apply a band-pass operator to the wavelet filter. In that case, the following information would have to be supplied to an appropriate program: (1) Should the operator be zero phase or minimum phase? and (2) Which are the four corner frequencies that specify the passband? Note that the four corner frequencies represent, respectively, the 0% and 100% points of the low-cut ramp and the 100% and 0% points of the high-cut ramp, in hertz. Such ramps could be formed by Hanning (cosine) tapers in the frequency domain (Robinson and Silvia, 1978[1]). For example, the entry: 4-12-50-75 would generate a filter with a 12- to 50-Hz passband, along with an 8-Hz-wide low-cut ramp and a 25-Hz-wide high-cut ramp.

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