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An instrument response can be generated as a sequence of convolutions of different components, such as a low-cut filter, a notch filter, a high-cut filter, a ghost-removal filter, a geophone response, and an absorption response. The user must give individual specifications for these components. For example, for a low-cut filter component, one must enter the low-frequency roll-off point and the low-frequency slope. A notch-filter component could have a 50- or 60-Hz notch, for example. For a high-cut filter, one must enter the high-frequency roll-off point and the high-frequency slope. For either a marine-source ghost response or a marine-receiver ghost response, one must specify the two-way travel-time as well as the reflection coefficient of the water surface. For a calculated geophone response, one must specify the natural resonant frequency of the geophone string as well as its damping factor.