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In 1953, the general feeling of the exploration industry was that the digital computer was at best a research device. As a result, any digital processing method eventually would have to be implemented by a corresponding analog device to be useful on a routine basis. Thus, it was suggested that the Geophysical Analysis Group should not use either noncausal wavelets or seismic attributes. However, with faith in the future of the digital computer, this suggestion was not followed. The use of attributes was natural because much of mathematical statistics is concerned with transforming raw data into more meaningful forms. It was suggested at the time that seismic interpreters needed to use the character of the causal wavelets. It was feared that the use of either noncausal wavelets or seismic attributes would be detrimental to seismic interpretation. Nevertheless, the following years showed the opposite to be true, and the use of noncausal interpreter wavelets and seismic attributes is widespread in the industry today.