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Although she has made many contributions to SEG, two in particular come to mind which illustrate Sally’s SEG leadership and tenacity. From 1993–1996, Sally chaired the Policy and Procedure (P&P) Manual Development Committee. The committee had to read the minutes from over 50 years of Executive Committee meetings, and then collate and update the policies, procedures, and protocol of our predecessors into a meaningful manual. This Herculean task required three grueling years to complete. Today’s P&P manual includes more than 350 pages. This prepared Sally to undertake her second outstanding leadership contribution to SEG. As SEG President in 2000–2001, Sally developed and published a Strategic Plan that has been a model, among other things, for our international programs. This well-conceived plan illustrates the diversity of opinions and priorities that had to be considered by Sally and her Executive Committee (Walt Lynn, Allen Bertagne, Yoram Shoham, Peter Annan, Richard Verm and Chris Liner). The P&P Manual and the Strategic Plan illustrate Sally’s devotion to the long-term success of the Society, and her willingness to expend the time and intense effort to make it happen.