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We can divide the trace into a series of windows. This division implies a corresponding division of the reflectivity function. In each window, the dynamic structure remains fixed, but the dynamic structure in a given window differs from that of any other window. The constant dynamics within a window imply that the same multiple wavelet is attached to each reflection coefficient in the corresponding reflectivity window. We will see that each multiple wavelet is a minimum-delay wavelet (or minimum-phase wavelet). The linear mathematical process of convolution describes the dynamics. Thus we have the following dynamic model, which holds within each trace window: (1) trace in window # 1 = (reflectivity in window # 1) * (wavelet # 1); (2) trace in window # 2 = (reflectivity in window # 2) * (wavelet # 2) … ; and (N) trace in window #N = (reflectivity in window #N) * (wavelet #N).