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Instantaneous phase lead is different from the phase-lead spectrum, which is computed over a window by Fourier analysis. Instantaneous phase lead emphasizes coherency as well as changes in the dip of successive reflections. A plot of instantaneous phase lead (or of the cosine of the instantaneous phase lead) can indicate an event’s continuity. Displays of instantaneous phase lead help intepreters pick weakly coherent events. Lateral discontinuities in instantaneous phase lead facilitate picking reflection terminations such as those that occur at faults and pinchouts. Instantaneous phase lead gives a wavelet’s true phase lead at those same places. However, the physically meaningful measurements, which occur at the wavelet peaks, represent just small places on the trace. These places can be obscured by adjacent (in time) instantaneous attribute values that do not correlate with the Fourier spectrum. It is important to investigate lateral (trace-to-trace) continuity.