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Neidell (1991)[1] gave the following example: A well at shotpoint no. 620 provides a well log from which the reflectivity is calculated. In addition, a wavelet is estimated from the seismic data. The wavelet has zero phase and a smooth unimodal frequency content, with half-power at 10 and 50 Hz. A synthetic trace is computed by convolving the reflectivity with the wavelet. Figure 7 shows the sequence of traces obtained by constant-phase rotations in increments. Each of these rotated synthetic traces is compared with the real trace on the seismic section at shotpoint no. 620. It is determined that the synthetic trace rotated by 35° is most like the real trace.

  1. Neidell, N. S., 1991, Could the processed seismic wavelet be simpler than we think?: Geophysics, 56, 681–690.