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Item Transcorder
Item code
Manufacturer Elecrtodynamic Insttruments
Location HGC
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG5045

The EIC Transcorder provides simple, accurate conversion of geophysical data from paper records to magnetic tape. The Transcorder transcription permits the geophysicist to employ modern data reduction systems necessary for more accurate ubsurface data and provides a lasting magnetic record for further analyses. The EIC Transcorder transcribes geophysical data onto standard geophysical tape from paper records. A reproduction of a seismic trace being transcribed can be produced simultaneously for monitoring purposes. The transcorder permits geophysicists to employ modern data-analysis techniques to paper recorded seismic data without the additional expense of reshooting a previously explored area. In some cases, this will permit analyses of areas that are no longer open to geophysical exploration. Magnetic tapes produced by the Transcorder can be processed by playback systems that permit mixing, selective filtering, correcting for moveout, weathering, and elevation, and plotting cross sections with either the conventional-trace, variable-area, or variable-density method. The paper record being transcribed onto tape is mounted on a drum. (Electrodynamic Instrument Corp.)

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